Description of the judge assignment

Welcome to the team

Dear all

We welcome you to the team of judges at Nordic Ink Festival.

Please send following information to

- Which categories are you especially qualified to judge? (See list of categories here)

- Are you planning to enter in any categories yourself? (See program here)

Expectations for the judges

- We expect you to judge in about 8 categories. This may vary depending on whether guest judges are regularly involved.

- We expect you to show up for judgemeeting on the following times:

-- Thursday 3 o'clock pm

-- Friday 11 o'clock am

-- Saturday 11 o'clock am

The Judgemeeting will take place at the Café

- All judges are expected to show up with respect of each participating tattoo artist as well of the industry.

- All tattoos are expected to be judged with neutral attitude and objectivity.

- If you experience cheating in regards to the listed rules of the convention. Please mention this at the next comming judge meeting. Here the matter will be processed.

- If you notice that a tattoo is placed in the wrong category, or is not following the listed rules, please give the tattoo 0 points.

Competition Guidelines

- It is only possible to participate with a tattoo if the studio/tattoo artist is present at Nordic Ink Festival. We have made the choice that the studio/tattoo artist must be present, because we want to support the exhibitioners participating at Nordic Ink Festival.

- Registration for competitions must be handed to the registration stand 15 minutes prior to the start of the competition

- Each tattoo can only enter in one category throughout the convention, with the exception of participating in the “Tattoo of the day” and “Tattoo of the show”. Read specification for “Tattoo of the day” and “Tattoo of the show”.

- Tattoo of the day/show – is open to all types of tattoos. To participate in “Tattoo of the show”, the tattoo has to be made at this year’s Nordic Ink Festival. To participate in “Tattoo of the day”, the tattoo must be made the day you choose to participate

- You cannot participate in a competition if you have previously won a first, second or third place at Nordic Ink Festival. (If you previously have won a first, second or third place in a competition in a category with a certain tattoo you cannot participate with that tattoo.)

- It is very important that you choose to participate in the right competition category, if not you will risk that the judges will give the tattoo 0 points.

Judging Criteria

The complete appearance of the tattoo. Furthermore, the tattoos are judged by the originality of lines, colors, shadows, overall design, flow and movement of the tattoo.


The points will be awarded on a scale from 1-10. In case of a tie between several tattoo artists, the category will be re-judged.

Procedure of judging

Before judging - All judges receive a link for digital points registration

Round 1 - All models pass the judges for a first sight.

Round 2 - All models pass the judges slowly for evaluation. Each judge gives the tattoo points

Round 3 - The judges can recall specific models to reevaluate

After points are given to all models, press "Send" to register points.